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V.I.P Days

Welcome to my new Spirit Sanctuary  in Granite Falls! I am sharing everything I love with you personally with V.I.P Days!

Your personal V.I.P day will be a sacred space that is customized to meet your spiritual needs with a combination of coaching, meditation, spiritual healing and energy renewal.  "Coming here is like a mini transformational retreat." L.S.

I offer....
~Full and half day private Mentorship sessions
~Readings & healing sessions
~Intensitve Meditation & Clairvoyant training.
~Aura/chakra balancing
~Organic vegan lunch and green smoothie
~A 2-mile round trip walk...to the Tsubaki Grand Shrine of America www.tsubakishrine.org.

Benefits people are experiencing...

* The session we did together was probably the single most helpful thing that got me through the fear and worry. ~ Heidi

* "I am gradually becoming a stronger & more powerful presence"
* What a difference it has made in my ability to tap into my spirit
and bring more peace, love and my own essence into my body" ~April

* My psychic gifts and knowledge have grown exponentially and most importantly, I own my power in a way that brings an abundance of joy into my life. I whole-heartedly recommend Penelope! ~Elle 

* The time I spent with Penelope really jump started a spiritual growth and a journey seeking love and compassion for myself.  I've become so much more aware of my energetic self and how I've gotten to where I am. J.H.
I feel much more connected with my core self. I am much lighter of spirit and connected to the sacred in the everyday. ~John

* Life changing, to say the least. I can't say enough about how much she has helped me with this, not only with the energy work, but also by helping me be more in tune with my core self; and when that's in place things flow very smoothly. ~JPS

*Penelope’s unique set of gifts gave her the capability to provide to me a clarity that I had never experienced previously. Penelope has made me aware of energy, and the influence of other’s energy.  She has taught how to own my very own unique energy and the many ways I am able to use it for my own experience." ~ Sarah


Know Your Spirit!
New 9-month MASTERSPIRIT Course
Ordinary reality to Source consciousness
Awaken Spirit I, II, III
Three month training
Webinar Trainings
Understand your body and your Spirit connection. Learn to live without fear and body effort and allow your Spirit to heal you. Meet your past and future selves. Get to know all seven chakras and how to clear, balance and heal each one so they become your inner temple. Raise your vibration and learn to focus your awareness in the present moment.
Embody Spirit I, II, III
Three month Webinar Trainings

Awaken your Spiritual Healing Abilities. Feel the power of moving universal energies with your intention and hands. Discover You as an energy being. Work with Higher realms to send healing energy anywhere on the planet. Unveiling bigger purpose. Connect with your Guides and Guardian Angel. Develop your clairvoyant vision.
Explore Kundalini Energy -learn how to run it and adjust it at will.
Illuminate Spirit I, II, III
Three month Webinar Trainings

t Experience your upper chakras 8-22 and get to know the energy of your higher-self. Learn to bring more of your Divine consciousness into your physical body. Travel through the heavenly realms and consciously meet your soul family. Go into the light and see yourself in the center of creation.

Call Penelope @ 425.299.8500

Are you ready to come out of the Spiritual Closet, own your spiritual and healing abilities and make money too?
Whether you currently have a healing practice, or you know you should be doing some type of work in the healing field, this is a month long training to help you fine-tune your career path. This course combines spiritual techniques with practical business strategies to develop a new way of seeing your current life's work. 
Now that you know what type of healing practice is right for you, it is time to focus on embracing your spiritual and healing gifts. This month is about developing and practicing your spiritual abilities. Clairvoyant Training and Energy Healing Training can be part of this series. Optional 3-month course for expanded training.
It's time to prepare your "open for business" sign. We use numerology to select your Business name. Build your website from scratch, or improve your current website. We cover social media, business license, bank account info, plus marketing. We us astrological electional timing to launch your business for optional universal harmony. Are you ready to live your life's purpose in how you make money? Optional 3-month course for in depth training.
Phone ~ Nationally
Webinar Skype ~ Globally

Every Sunday @ 11am!
Planetary Healing, Spiritual insights,
Guided Meditations
Plus, Mini Clairvoyant Readings!
Over 50 Archived show to listen too!
Listen to internet radio with celebratespirit on Blog Talk Radio

P.E.A.C.E Meditation System
Universal Energies of
Spirit and Body
(Five week class)

dates/times & to register
Receive 3 Guided Meditation Mp3's, one after each class to assist learning how to meditate and prepare you for the next week's session.

Classes are taught:
     At East West Bookshop, Seattle
     Via Phone ~ National
     Via Webinar and Skype ~ Global 

Classes are taught:
     At East West Bookshop, Seattle
     Via Phone ~ National
     Webinar and Skype ~ Global

4-week intensive training 
Spirit reading:Learn to read the energy of the Spirit in relationship to the body
Past-life Readings:Clairvoyantly see and understand then lessons our past-lives reveal to help us today.
~Prerequisite Meditation I~
4-week Intensive Training

Aura readings:Learn to clairvoyantly read the colors of the arua and translate the meaning of the colors and how they apple to your daily life.
Chakra Readings: Clairvoyantly see the symbol associated with each chakra and understand it's purpose and meaning in validation seven areas of your life.

~Prerequisite Meditation I~
4-week Intensive Training
Certificate of Completion 
Create a Clairvoyant Practice:Lean how to ready like a professional. Give free readings to many potential clients.
Spiritual Healing:Clear energy blocks, during a reading, exchange out dated symbols that no longer serve you. 
Angel Hands:Experience how your Spirit can work with your Guardian Angel to bring healing energy through your hands.
Reading Questions:Learn how to read the energy and meaning of any question on any topic.

~Prerequisite Clairvoyant II~

Feel Free to leave a message for all to read. Blessings, Penelope

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A special thanks to my dear friend and soul sister Meganne Forbes who is a gifted visionary artist...for the beauty of her watercolors throughout this site. www.meganneforbes.com

Monday-Saturday ~ Openings by Appointment
in Person ~ Skype ~  Phone

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