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Divine Spiritual & Sacred Business Mentorships

Mentorship from a Spiritual perspective.

Embrace your soul's path as your spirit comes alive
to express your unique gifts in the world!

As a Spiritual Mentor I'll assist you in your process of gaining self-awareness, insight, and personal spiritual growth. With greater spiritual awareness you can navigate your life with more personal freedom, understand the lessons of pain and suffering by releasing the burdens of limiting beliefs, and create a life that is full of freedom and connection with your Divine Source


Create an Enlightened Profitable Business


 Each are 3 month personalized programs

Create a business that is in alignment with your Soul. A business that is an expression of your highest purpose of service on the planet.

If you have a desire to be of greater service in the world through sharing your story...Penelope will hold your hand and take you step by step in finding your CORE message and uncover the precious dream that is hidden in your heart.

Do you feel that you have some deep inner wisdom from your life experiences that could be helpful to a lot pf people? Do you feel that your inner wisdom is your best kept secret? Are you ready to come out of the Spiritual and Business Closet and make your vision to serve others a financially successful reality? 

Penelope will help you create a system of packaging, presenting and leveraging your Core Message and Gift to the world with high profits. So if you have a vision of your business becoming a shining example of what is possible – the world you always knew could be your reality...this is the time to begin making it happen. If not now...when?

All energy is connected... heal yourself first and you bring healing to your family, community and world.

Let's begin a beautiful Sacred Business Mentorship together and make it happen!

The next step of your evolution is key ~ Give it away! Pay it forward ~ Give back ~ Share what you have been given!
Let's start and Feel Connected!
Your connection to Supreme Source


 Each are 3 month personalized programs

You are spirit...a divine spark of light that is connected and one with the divine source of all life and creation. You come from a high vibrational place in the heavens and every cell of your body is encoded with your Spiritual DNA, your soul contracts and life purpose blueprint...it can be found in every breath you take.

A mentorship program with Penelope will walk you step-by-step through many levels healing your pain and awakening to your own unique divine energy, to embracing your inner wisdom of enlightenment.  Then you will naturally express your bright Spirit of Illumination in your life relationships and finances.

Imagine someone who is able to see you as Spirit. Someone who sees your soul's purpose and validates the vision you want to manifest for yourself, while completely accepting and seeing you for how amazing you already are. Penelope call's herself your Soul-Sister, an equal, and is ready to take this journey to Divine Source together.

You are an integral part of life...of this divine, eternal creation.
Getting to know yourself as spirit and bringing harmony to your body is the greatest gift you can give yourself and others.

Give yourself the gift of knowing your unique energy and self as Spirit, and experience your truth and joy in the present moment. 
It's time to say hello to yourself as Spirit!
There is no greater reward than truly knowing yourself, and living the life you were born to live, with deep meaning, purpose and inspiration. The most amazing gift you can give yourself is your connection with your divine source. Experience the excitement and fulfillment of awakening to who you are and living from a place of Divine inner peace.
~ let's begin...

Monday-Saturday ~ Limited openings by Appointment
in Person ~ Skype ~  Phone

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