About Me

About Penelope ~ Spiritual Minister & Mentor
Hello and Welcome!

     I am the founder of Celebrate Spirit.  I am so glad you are here!

     A little about me...
      I have been able to read and naturally feel sensitive to people and energy all       my life.  This has been my biggest weakness and, over time, with intense focus and failures, I am seeing how God is showing me that this is also my greatest strength.  My sensitivity is teaching me about deep compassion and God's mercy towards all.  Most importantly, I see myself, first and foremost, as a daughter of God, and I dedicate my life to living in the Will of God as best I can every moment of every day.

     I was drawn to meditation when I was about 18, mostly because I had been the caretaker and peacemaker of my family.  My mom was a teen when she had me.  Even though she tried her best to protect us kids, she struggled and my sibling and I were exposed to many dangerous situations.  I took on the role of healing and caretaking my family.  I started to take on the energy of my family’s burdens, the fear, the secrets and negativity of my early childhood.  I just thought everyone should be kind to each other and loving, so I kept trying to fix all the brokenness, as if I was the one responsible for all the mess.  Eventually my light dimmed and I struggled with depression. 

I left home at 17 and started my spiritual search for meaning and inner-peace.  I was drawn to meditation as a way to find the light inside of me again. Through meditation, I started to shed layer after layer of heavy energy.  The lighter I felt the more I felt like myself – it was familiar. At one point I crossed over an energetic line – I shed so much of the burdens of others, secrets, shame, sadness and embarrassment that I recognized my own Spirit! That was the greatest gift I could have given myself - to know the energy of my Spirit and that I was not all the heaviness and guilt and shame I thought I was.  Don’t think for a moment that I am complaining. It was my lesson to learn how not to take on the energy of others.  My childhood became my spiritual school where I learned valuable lessons.  These challenging lessons made me seek God early on in life.  It has also given me the skills to help others find their way through darkness to being connected to Spirit. I have dedicated most of my adult life to meditation, understanding energy, the spirit, soul and our relationship with God. 

Of course, it is a huge challenge to stay mindful of God, but I am finding out that God more than meets us half way – God is always right here.  We just need to say that we are interested...and want it.  It is my passion and desire to be in love with Divine Love and to make my life be a trail of love.  Whomever I see and whatever I do, I am on an enlightenment path of being united with ultimate Divine Source of love and life.  This focused me and led me away from most New Age teachings, which ended up feeling shallow, and into a profound love with Jesus.  I love his life, his message, his gift of the Holy Spirit, and being on a journey of Christhood awakening within me and others I mentor.

All my life I have been open to feeling other people's pain and wanting to fix it, heal it and just make it better.  But, I have come to realize that each person has their own lesson and pain to heal for themselves; and the greatest gift I can give the world is to connect to God, and show others how to come to know, and accept themselves.  I am, first and foremost, dedicated to the well-being of this planet and all those who live here.  I see myself as a soul-sister to all.  Even though I mostly teach, I do not call myself a teacher.  I am your equal, simply sharing what I have learn out of love for God, life and for my own evolution.

I have found that the greatest desire almost all people share is to feel a sense of belonging and connection.  We reach out in an effort to be happy, to encourage each other, and to lead fulfilling lives.

There is no person, job, or amount of money, outside of ourselves that can give us lasting happiness and peace.  It has to come from an alignment with your Divine Creator. I teach that an individual’s potential for true happiness can only come from tapping into the connection to God within, and paying it forward.  Sharing it!  We are talking about true enlightenment of inner peace and joy that cannot be imagined – it can be experienced – it is real!  You can take it with you everywhere; there are no borders or boundaries, and it is free to everyone, everywhere, at all times.

I have been motivated to offer various types of spiritual training and to give back through community service over the last 35 years.  I offer Spiritual Mentorship programs to connect to God, and Visionary Business Mentorships to help launch your profitable Core Message and Vision in the World.

You can schedule a consultation, meditation class, or training directly from this site.